CompARE ( is a web-platform inspired to provide help on issues relating to trials with composite endpoints. CompARE may be used as a tool for calculating the elements needed in the planning phase of clinical trials involving composite endpoints. With its user-friendly interface, CompARE allows to input the main parameters included in the trial -such as the treatment effect on the components of the composite endpoint, and its frequencies of occurrence- and helps provide power and sample size calculations among others.

CompARE comprises two different Shiny apps: one devoted to time-to-event endpoints, the other to binary endpoints.

Getting Started

If you are a newcomer, we recommend starting with the tutorial vignettes. These vignettes provide an introduction to CompARE:

CompAREdesign R package

The CompAREdesign package contains the following functions:

  • prob_cbe to compute the probability of a composite binary endpoint;
  • lower_corr to compute the lower bound of Pearson’s correlation;
  • upper_corr to compute the upper bound for Pearson’s correlation;
  • effectsize_cbe to compute the treatment effect on the composite binary endpoint;
  • samplesize_cbe to compute the sample size for composite binary endpoint;
  • ARE_cbe to compute the ARE method for composite binary endpoint.


# install.packages("devtools")